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Hello from Jeanette JOY,
How would you feel if people associated your brand first when they think about your type of business? What difference to your business would having your website listed on many authority sites make? How would you feel after social media influencers helped you get over 1,000 likes on one Facebook post?
Let us help you build an extensive cross-promotion system to broadcast your brand. Free.

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Joy Publications Joint Publicity Program exchanges social media influence and content SEO (search engine marketing) with quality links to your business or personal brand.

We have beautifully designed websites with differing content themes. Some of our sites have been online for years and are being repurposed. Our sites aren't filled with spammy advertising following you from page to page and articles broken up into chunks across multiple advertising-laden pages. Please select one or more of our content without advertising sites to add your creative content to in exchange for online influencer publicity and backlinks.

If you don’t know me, I’m @Jeanette JOY on Twitter with 193,300+ followers, JeanetteJoy on Facebook with 5,000 friends and thousands of followers, JeanetteJoyFisher on Instagram, and Jeanette Joy Fisher on EzineArticles.com with over 2,000,000 article views. I’m also active on YouTube, Pinterest, and have multiple Twitter accounts. I started tweeting in 2007 after my daughter and husband passed on.


My children said I “Tweeted my life away.” Today, we understand that “I tweeted my life up!” I’m grateful for my Twitter friends and the opportunities social media provides me. Twitter has taken me around the world and I want to give back by helping folks get the online publicity they need to build their business.


Celebrate! Collaborate! Create!

Join us for a fabulous, fun social media influencer PUBLICITY PARTY.

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"The best way to peace is to help others profit and prosper." -Jeanette JOY Fisher

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