Creating & Sharing Content Tips

How to Collaborate & Share Content Easily & Effectively


Prepare your Mission Statement so that it shows HOW you help people. “Using my Design Psychology training, I help people find their Dream Home, not a nightmare of problems. Did you know that 50% of homebuyers aren’t happy in their new home? Who do you know looking for a home?”


Using my (expertise) I help people SOLUTION & PROBLEM or reversed. Question “Did you know_____? Who do you know who ______________?


Make Facebook Friends right away with people at events. This way, you can tag each other in photos.


Interview everyone. Ask “What’s your mission and how can I help you?”


Creating Twitter and Facebook lists make it easy to share your friends’ content so they feel happy to collaborate with you. Collaboration and sharing content is fun and rewarding.


  1. Post only beautiful photos on Instagram and share to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. This gives you content quickly to multiple websites.
  2. Create a list of Friends on your Twitter accounts. It’s important to RT your friend’s pinned tweet on the top of their individual page. When they change their pinned tweet, you  will see it isn’t ReTweeted and then you know to hit the RT button. Check in daily on your Friends list for a couple of minutes and see what’s happening. You will see their latest tweets. Please ReTweet (RT) one tweet per friend four or five tweets at time for multiple friends and come back later. You want to rest a minute between a series of tweets. Always leave your Twitter feed with one of your tweets at the top that you want ReTweeted by your friends so it’s easy to find instead of a RT.
  3. Make a list of Friends on your Facebook account.  Check into your list and “Like” some of their posts, leave a comment, post and tag photos and videos.

Please feel free to ask me questions!


Jeanette JOY