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How to Create Buzz for Your Brand Fast


Hello from Jeanette JOY Fisher,


Online presence helps you build and protect your business brand.

First, decide your brand or brands. You may only need your personal name. If you want to build a company to sell or to keep your personal life out of the limelight, you only need a business brand. Keep in mind if your’e a small business, folks want to know who you are. If you’re not a big brand, buyers will search your name to see what others say about you.

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Gerry Foster speaking about Brand Purpose at CEO Space


“My brand stands for enhancing people’s lives, inspiring them to BE better so they can DO better for themselves.” – Oprah Winfrey


It’s possible to brand more than your name and main business. For every brand name you want to claim, you need:

A .com website. Before you purchase ____ .com, check if you can get the same name on Twitter and Gmail. If your name is already taken, add a your middle initial, middle name, or nickname rather than to go with .name or some other domain extension because people constantly search and see the first .com. Also, it’s difficult to take over the brand if someone has been using it for years.


Social media sites you need immediately are listed below. I added links to my accounts so you can see examples and connect with me so I can boost your content.


Gmail account for Google Plus (G+,) and YouTube
Twitter personal account (Also open accounts with your business name. I usually get one for each website.)
Facebook account with brand Pages (Some business owner’s prefer to keep their personal page private and open a “Fan” page. I never post anything on my personal page that I don’t want online. Even “Private” pages get indexed online. Because buyers like to connect to small brands, consider leaving your profile open and allow folks to “Follow” you. Many online marketers sell to their Facebook Friends.)
Linkedin gives you credibility and connects you to business leaders.
Instagram account
Pinterest account (Someone took my name so I use JoyTV to brand & a Facebook Page.) page

You may also want to add:
.tv domain registration to forward to your YouTube channel account from your main website link. JeanetteJoy.TV links from my main menu.

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