Joy Retirement

JOY Retirement
Hello from Jeanette JOY,

My friend Dr. Mary Kay Evans (Insert all her initials here.) said we need a website about healthcare for seniors. I realize some may think I’m a senior, but I think my mother is the senior. I want to be like Mom in my nineties. She paints huge oil paintings, reads, writes, and enjoys every day.

Instead of a site for just healthcare and caretaker issues, I decided to have a site covering all the issues “seniors” face in the world so different than we expected. This may not all be about Retirement pursuits. Let’s talk about health and wellbeing, care takers, finances, sex, entertainment, cruises, travel, new endeavors, entrepreneurship, and whatever rocks your world.

What does Retirement mean for YOU? 

Please tell us how you can help with today’s retirement issues.