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JOY TV Network Opens Cooperation Content Sharing has been online since February, 2010. We’re excited to add new contributors to the network. We’re looking for videos with catchy titles to entice curious minds from social media feeds to clink on video links. We have the social media influence to help you get noticed. Your content on JOY TV will get you attention, brand recognition, and links to your online presence–social media accounts and website.

Main content categories include:

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Lifetime Learning
  • Spirituality
  • Charity & Causes
  • Home Improvement
  • Health & Fitness


Every JOY TV Network post requires a video of varying lengths and 200 plus words. People will click on 30 second videos and then watch a stream for 30 minutes of connected stories. You may add a photo, image, and or graphic to your post. Videos must be content, not pitches. Add your link and logo in the video end with a call to action and again at the end of your JOY TV blog post.

Videos with people seen first get more attention. Videos must have a JOY TV Network logo as the second slide. You may upload videos you have posted elsewhere after inserting the JOY TV logo. Please change the wording appearing on YouTube or hosted elsewhere for the text on your JOY TV channel post so it’s fresh.

You may upload videos on your YouTube channel, Vimeo, Animoto, AND/or on Joint Publicity’s Joy TV YouTube channel. Add a link to your video at the top of your blog post.

If you need assistance with creating videos, please email Chaz DeSimone. He charges for his time to create content. We recommend for an easy slide and video creation system. If you have questions about our Cooperative Joint Publicity, please email Jeanette JOY Fisher or Chaz DeSimone. We will answer your questions and fill in the instructions here, too.


Email or Facebook private message Jeanette JOY with links to your website, current videos, and social media sites. If you’re a match for Cooperative Joint Publicity, Chaz will set up your JOY TV network channel. Tell us how you want your channel to be titled, personal brand or business brand. Your link will look like this:

See the website: JOY TV Network PLEASE NOTE: This website is getting a makeover.

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Sample Content: