Publicity Party!

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At Joy Gardens — my joyful home! 

Tickets? It’s Free — you’re my Guest. There are no printed Tickets. Facebook seems to think everyone charges for events. This is a reciprocal event where everyone contributes. Share fun, ideas, publicity, and your magnificent presence.

CEO Space California Connection


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Hello from Jeanette JOY Fisher,

Celebrate! Collaborate! Create!


Join us for a fabulous, fun social media influencer PUBLICITY PARTY. Come solo and hangout and meet new friends. Or, bring your entourage and take photos, film videos, interview your friends, meet new friends, be part of a drone video, and create content for your social media, blogs, and YouTube accounts.

Please call or text Jeanette if you want to be interviewed for Tweet Me Nice (about your Twitter account), Tweet Me Nice (for charity or a cause), and/or an  interview about your business.  All interviews are 1-3 minutes and filmed between 2-4 PM. 951-775-2252

Cost: none!
BYOBBTW—bring your own bottle and wardrobe change if you desire to look different in photos for your websites and social media accounts.

Join our Facebook Event Page & Get the Map — receive a map to my not-so-secret garden hilltop hideaway. You’ll need directions because we live on a dirt road (only one mile off I-15 north of Temecula, south of Corona). GPS takes you the long way around to my neighbor’s below or daughter’s home above—and you don’t want to miss the party! Don’t bother washing your car. And don’t be intimidated by the bumpy road. I drive a Cadillac and my kids all have Subarus—the road is navigable (but avoid the tall rock if you have a low car). You may also park on the street by the school or church and call for a ride or catch one with friends coming up.

Let’s chat and make a Joint Publicity Plan just for you!


Come join the fun!
If you’re not on Facebook, email  JeanetteJOY in care of gmail.


You will leave Joy Gardens relaxed with a playful and invigorating day behind you, yet exploding with enthusiasm and ideas having been inspired and enlightened by your peers and other professionals in branding, marketing, and and social media.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Jeanette JOY