Sacred Era & Numinous TV


Sacred Era Organization

Spirituality writers share your brilliant content on a nonprofit website which hosts events to bring about love as a world peace roadmap. Join our speakers, entertainers, and movement leaders at live events.

Let’s encourage all faiths to work together in harmony promoting peace through tolerance and understanding. and were created in December, 2006.

We’re looking for spiritual leaders, yoga instructors and ecstatic dancers (dance to express, not to impress), spiritual musicians and singers, and laymen to share uplifting spiritual content: essays, videos, music, yoga, events…


Email or Facebook private message Jeanette JOY with links to your website, blog, current videos, and social media sites. If you’re a match for Cooperative Joint Publicity, Chaz DeSimone will set up your blog. Tell us how you want your blog to be titled: personal brand or business brand. Your link will look like this: We’ll share your posts and you’ll get links back to your business or personal profiles. Plus, more importantly, we publicize your content through influential social media posts.


All blog posts must contain a catchy title, a visual interest–-a video and/or an image, and 300+ words of text. 400 words reads better for some topics and up to 1,000 works in this genre. Visit the site:

Numinous TV

Numinous /ˈnjuːmnəs/ is an English adjective, derived from the Latin numen, meaning “arousing spiritual or religious emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring.”

We look forward to similar, but different content on these two spiritually centered websites.

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