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Relationship and sexual health practitioners wanted for content and webinars.

Let’s talk s e x.  Maybe not everyone’s doing it, but sexual dissatisfaction is high on many folks list of things they want to conquer. From frustrated women who don’t get what they want from their partners, men with erectile dysfunctions, and millennials with taboo issues, too many Americans are screwed up.  The 60s Free Love generation only opened the door for discussions. It’s time for Sexual Healing for many.

Did you know that seniors have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases? According to a CBS News report, rates of sexually transmitted diseases have doubled among 50 to 90-year-olds in the past decade.

If you’re a psychologist, a gynecologist, a health practitioner, a counselor, or an expert on relationships, please contact Jeanette JOY to discuss your Joint Publicity Plan. We want your expertise for webinars, blog posts, podcasts, books, and more. was created in November, 2005.

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