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Whether you want to brand your name as a personality or your business, or both, we’ll help you chose websites to post content on that support your brand.

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Jeanette JOY Fisher at Virtual Reality Los Angeles Event

Start building your content today and we’ll let you know when the sites are ready for you. Email JeanetteJOY in care of gmail.


The following links to pages within this site explain the collaborative FREE Joint Publicity process available to promote your brand. Publicity = Profits = Prosperity


CONTENT GUIDELINES differ on each site. The GENERAL RULE: No links within the content. About the Author may have one link to a spam-free website without broken articles crammed with ads making it difficult to read the content. Social Media icons will be provided for you so folks can connect with you and also so your content can be pushed by readers and joint publicity partners.


Joy Publications

Writers ready to be print authors, please contact us. If you already have a published book, you’re invited to participate on our site and promote your books.


JOY TV Network

Share your video content. Joy TV features videos on demand of varying lengths and diverse content.


JOY Holidays

Share your travels and excursions to fun destinations. People enjoy getting to know the person behind the brand.


Journal for Joy

Share a snippet of text with a great image reflecting something that gives you joy. This visual blog gives you a graceful and easy way to get SEM backlinks to your website and social media accounts.


JOY Expressions

If you write well and/or are competent in social media skills, post your content on JOYexpressions, the gateway to Express for Success on the Expressway to Success. This site has two sides: How to Write Well & Social Media Tips. In other words, how to write to attract customers and how to publicize your content. & NuminousTV

Spirituality writers share your wisdom content on a nonprofit cause website. SacredEra hosts events to bring about love as a world peace roadmap. Join our speakers, entertainers, and movement leaders at live events. Speak your blog content into a video and post that on Numinous.TV. Top Contributors get in-person access to broadcast live events.


More JOY Club

Help widows and others grieving loss or betrayal of a loved one. Professionals, experts and those who have lived through tragedy and thrived wanted for content, podcast interviews, webinars, and live events.


JOY Relationships

Counselors, relationship speakers, coaches and those writing about relationship issues, here’s a blog to showcase your expertise and to amplify your brand.


Sex Psychology

Forget Porn, Find Joy
Relationship and sexual health practitioners wanted for content and webinars.


JOY to the Home Realty & Design

Realty & Design, financial services, escrow agents, home design, architecture.


JOY Retirement

From Aging in Place to Care-taking, Wellness to Dancing, Health & Fitness After Fifty to World Travel, we’re not really retiring, we’re working harder and playing more than ever. Life may not be as easy as we imagined, but it certainly isn’t boring.


How to Have Better

Express yourself through creativity with articles and content sharing your ideas on How to Have Better…

For quote lovers who write their own snappy or inspirational quotes and bloggers who share the light-hearted side of happiness and JOY! Load your quotes and fun content for others to copy and share in their social media accounts.


Joint Publicity

We’re adding a blog to this site too. Share content on what you do to get publicity and your events. This is one site you can advertise your upcoming seminars, webinars, workshops, retreats, masterminds, and fun events.


Please explore the links above and select the sites you’re interested in. Then email us with your intentions and we’ll set you up so you’re in control of your creative content and publicity.


Let’s chat and make a Joint Publicity Plan just for you!
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